Discover Israel

Pack your bags and escape to this exciting destination. From Jerusalem and the Holy Land to vibrant Tel Aviv or sunny Eliat. Israel is a truly unique melting pot of cultures. We were delighted to interview Orli Weitzman, the Deputy Ambassador to Ireland for Israel this week. Over the last 100 years or so, from the pre-state era to post-1948, Jews have immigrated to Israel and brought with them their cultures and customs. Its Jewish population originates from all over the world: Russia, Poland, Brazil, Ethiopia, Morocco, Iraq, and Yemen are just some of the places that Israelis originate from. From cuisine to celebrations, contemporary Israeli society is a fascinating mix of Eastern and Western influences that have amalgamated to form some kind of shared Israeli culture. Add to that Israel’s sizeable Arab (both Muslim and Christian) population and other ethnic minorities, and you can see the diversity that exists! And now, for the first time, the sparkling city of Eliat has landed on The New York Times’ annual list of 52 places to visit – sixth on the list to be precise. The Times praised Eilat’s “prismatic waters” and a breathtaking coral reef “with hundreds of varieties of neon fish, sharks and stingrays.” So for anyone planning to travel through this newly accessible Red Sea paradise, we’ve put together a little guide to show you what you can expect from Eilat. You can visit the Israel Stand at Holiday World 2020 at RDS in Dublin. For tours and specialists to Israel contact – Marian Pilgrimages – Map Travel, Joe Walsh Tours – Insight Vacations – Sunway Travel or your local travel agent.